Infinity Wellness of Omaha

Infinity Wellness

Omaha’s holistic wellness center.

Infinity Wellness is your personal approach to wellness- mind, body, and spirit. Combining physical therapy, nutrition, and health coaching with massage and group exercise, Infinity Wellness does more than follow the latest diet and exercise trends – we build one-on-one wellness programs that work for you.

Three different membership levels allow you to further customize your wellness program to reach your goals. Our team of coaches and specialists will guide you throughout your wellness journey so you can enjoy the life you want to live.


From physical therapy to weight management and massage to personal training, Infinity Wellness offers a holistic approach to wellness.

What Our Clients Say

Rachelle was great! The manual therapy was incredibly beneficial. She is very professional, kind, punctual, and good at what she does.  Rachelle thinks through every workout and exercise to ensure it is helpful for my particular injury.”